Role playing games couples. Here are my top RPG couples out there, whether it’s blatantly clear by playing the game or it’s implied, let to the player to figure out, I´m going to give you my take on the best role-playing games couples out there. Please note, I can only give my opinion on games that I have played, so nothing I haven´t really experienced for the sake of writing this article, nah, this is legit stuff you all. Also, be advised, Spoiler territory is where you´re about to thread into, so read cautiously, and if there´s a game you haven´t played but are planning to in the future, then by all means, click away or read another of my articles hahaha, I don´t wanna spoil the fun for you! welp, that outta the way, let´s begin!

Yuna & Tidus / Final Fantasy X

Yuna, the young summoner in training meets Tidus a cheerful young man from the city of Zanarkand, or rather dream Zanarkand. They meet in Besaid, where Yuna is from. Thanks to the cheerful personality of Tidus, it´s not hard for him to approach and strike up a conversation with Yuna when they are sitting at the bonfire after Yuna passing her summoner initiation trial. Gotta say they´re both teens, Tidus is 17, and Yuna is 17 as well. These two, alongside other guardians, start their pilgrimage to defeat Sin, that’s all well and good, but during their travels, these two get closer and closer. the incident in Kilika, after Sin attacked and annihilated the village, Tidus could see the caring heart and determination that Yuna possesses, and after, she, performed the dance for the Sending that passed into the farplane.

Later in their travels Yuna was feeling down about the whole spiel of her pilgrimage, and Tidus just tried to innocently cheer her up by saying, “At bad times you just gotta laugh!” he told her to try it. even if she wasn´t feeling like it. I´ll admit, the laugh made it into meme territory, but nonetheless, that stupid laugh made Yuna feel better and cheer her up. I think she liked that gesture.

The pinnacle of Attraction Occurs when In the Al-Bhed base, Tidus learns the reality of Yuna´s pilgrimage, that she is traveling to sacrifice herself, give her life to make the ultimate summon and defeat Sin. Tidus would have none of it and immediately showed his anger and disapproval. everyone was downhearted, I think she really appreciated him for this, even knowing she was gonna throw her life away. Thanks to Tidus, the party decides to take another route, defying the teachings of Yevon.

a young woman with beatiful brown hair smiles at the camera
High Summoner Yuna

Why mention that? the party heads to Bevelle to rescue Yuna, here, The Scumbag Seymour was celebrating his wedding to Yuna. forcing her pretty much, she didn´t love him at all. On the spot the Fahrenheit (Airship) Arrives, and the team crashes the wedding but Tidus and the gang get overpowered and are apprehended. ere Seymour orders to continue the ceremony and Kisses Yuna. Tidus of course watching, Clenches his Fist in Anger in reaction to what he was witnessing, Jealousy perhaps?

Anyway, you rescue Yuna, and the party flees to Macalania Woods, not knowing where to go next since, branded as a traitor to the teachings, Yuna no longer has the blessings of the church. Heartbroken Yuna goes into the woods´ Lake and Tidus goes to her to cheer her up one more time.

Here occurs, to me the most tender and romantic scene, hands down in all RPG history! I mean, yeah I’m all about the Spells, the Cool swords, the airships, the music, but Relationships are welcome in my book as well!

Yuna starts crying before Tidus and he has this most innocent face, I´d be like that too if the girl I liked was breaking down in front of me, so he kisses her lip to lip since it´s the only way he could think of to console her, she doesn´t fight back and she actually welcomes the kiss. it was magical, then SUTEKI DA NE starts playing, the main theme of Final Fantasy X, as they go underwater and start dancing in the moonlight and kiss again. Yuna regains her composure and decides to continue her journey.

Yuna is a fantastic female with a heart of gold, Tidus is just so lucky to have her. The resolve she displayed at Mount Gagazet, is something i wish every human would have. And I Quote:

[Biran leaps out and bars path. Kelk approaches.]
Kelk: Summoner Yuna and guardians, leave here at once!
[Party looks around; Ronso surround them.]
Kelk: Gagazet is Ronso land, sacred mountain of Yevon. The mountain will not bear the footsteps of infidels!
Biran: Enemy of Yevon is enemy of Ronso! Leave, traitors!
Yuna: I have cast aside Yevon! I… I follow the temple no more!
Kelk: Then you will die by those words!
Yuna: So be it. Yevon has warped the teachings and betrayed us all!
Wakka: Nothing but a bunch of low-down tricksters, eh?
Tidus: Yeah! Yeah!
Rikku: Yeah! Yeah!
Yuna: We have no regrets.
Yenke: Blasphemers!
Kelk: A summoner and her guardians…
Lulu: Lord Kelk Ronso, if I may. Have you not also turned your back on Bevelle?
Auron: But still, you guard Gagazet as a Ronso, not a maester. Yuna is much the same.
Biran: Elder Kelk! Let Biran rend them asunder!
Yenke: No escape! Not one!
Yuna: No, we will not flee. We will fight, and continue on.
Kelk: You have been branded a traitor, but still you would fight Sin? Lost to the temple, hated by the people, yet you continue your pilgrimage? Everything lost! What do you fight for?
Yuna: I fight for Spira. The people long for the Calm. I can give it to them. It’s all I can give. Defeating Sin, ending pain…this I can do.
Kelk: Even sacrificing yourself? (Ponders a while.) Ronso, let them pass! Summoner Yuna, your will is stronger than steel. Tempered steel that even the mightiest Ronso could not hope to bend. Yuna, we bow to your will! Now go! The sacred heights of Gagazet welcome you.
Yuna: We thank you. (Deep bow)

That part right there, I would be head over heels for Yuna. Later on, Yuna learns that, upon defeating Sin and making it vanish once and for all, the dream Zanarkand and everything that the fayth had created up until that point, including Aeons, will disappear. This also includes Tidus. This saddens her. which is why on the Fahrenheit deck right before Tidus disappears she pronounces the words: “I Love You”.

Rinoa & Squall / Final Fantasy VIII

The relationship between Rinoa and Squall starts out rather unwelcome. Squall is a straight-out prick to Rinoa, upon meeting her, he is super extremely cold towards her when she just wants to be friendly in Timber. Even though this is the case, I like how they, or rather she slowly but surely starts to gain terrain in Squall´s heart.

Squall and Rinoa Dancing

When Squall learns about Rinoa being kidnapped and is the successor of the Sorceress, he sets out to find her. Love was finally blooming in Squall´s Cold heart.

There was one time when Rinoa flat-out asked for a hug opening up her arms standing there about 2 steps away and Squall puts her aside by looking away. Oh you Mudda F….r. hahaha… but don´t worry, the more he rejects Rinoa, the more She wants to drill deeper into that mind of his.

Once the party reaches Esthar, Rinoa is passed out for reasons I can´t remember (Played it back in 2001) and Squall is carrying her all the way from Fisherman´s Horizon to Esthar on foot, I think to find someone that can heal her. In an intermission Squall is alone with Rinoa( unconscious) and starts to talk to her, knowing she’s passed out, opening up to her.

Later, Squall risking his own life goes to space to save Rinoa. There they find the Ragnarok. and from there the game heads into its final stage to face ultimecia. I like the part where Squall tells, “I´ll Be if you come here, I´ll be waiting…for you.”

The theme of Love of Final Fantasy VIII is “Eyes on Me” performed By Faye Wong.

In the end, when they’re both in the Flying Balamb garden Squall shows the only smile you´ll ever see in this game and they both proceed to kiss. What a nice game.

Estelle & Joshua Bright / The legend of heroes: Trails in the Sky

Estelle and Joshua Kissing at the end of Second chapter
Scene taken from the Anime.

Whoa Whoa! they have the same last name, how come dude? hahaha, worry not! Estelle is the legit Bright, and Joshua is her adoptive Brother. Joshua gets taken into the Bright family by Cassius Bright, Estelle´s dad. Therefore he took up the last name. With that outta the way, Joshua and Estelle´s Relationship starts out like those of Siblings, you never imagine they would fall in love later on.

As they make their way across the country of Liberl, they get closer and closer, caring for one another, leaving you with strongest cliffhanger I have ever witnessed in a video game. So to understand the love story of these two you have to play across 2 separate games in the Trails in the Sky Series. Read my review of the first chapter here!

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