Relationships Continued…

The Cute Engineer or Zeiss Central Factory Town. Tita is very sweet and extremely intelligent. Tita gets to help out Estelle in her journey towards the capital city of Grancel.
Tita Russell

Tita Russell

The Cute Engineer or Zeiss Central Factory Town. Tita is very sweet and extremely intelligent. Tita gets to help out Estelle in her journey towards the capital city of Grancel. Tita sees Estelle as a big sister. Estelle sees her as her little sister, much like Renne, I think Estelle likes kids, which brings me to believe that she is Waifu Material, XD. anyway, Tita Russell proves her worth by helping out The young bracers and joins you after solving whatever issue is occurring in Zeiss when you meet her. She´s got a really good Area attack, put her in the back row.

Josette Capua

Josette Capua

The Sky bandit, She is part of a trio of Sky bandits that hijack goods from imperial ships to smuggle. She first comes across Estelle in the very first town after leaving Rolent. The Capua family is smuggling goods and it’s up to Estelle to stop them. Eventually, She does and the trio go to jail for their bad actions, however, since the mayor of the town is so benevolent, frees the trio in exchange of them using their airship for good and helping the common folk. So, Josette meets Estelle again, angered by the previous outcome, but from this point on it is a love-hate relationship between these two and the fact that they cannot be in the same room because they start fighting. Later on, it´s all about Joshua, XD. you can consider Josette an ally, but a very distant one, because EVEN to a lowly bandit, Estelle shows sympathy.

Agate Crossner

Agate Crossner

Another Senior Bracer you meet in your travels in First Chapter, Mr. Crossner portrays himself as a tough scary imposing male with a fiery redhead, with a big sword, and gets on Estelle´s nerves but not to the level Olivier does. don´t be fooled however, deep down that hardened carcass, is a soft caring big brother, I say this not because of Estelle, but because of Tita. Soon I will write Tita´s profile and I´ll cover the events that led Tita and Agante to come closer. Agate joins your party and helps out with investigations usually working alone, and some other fighting by your side. He kinda reminds me of Cloud From Final Fantasy 7, you know the big sword spiky hair, the attitude, XD.

Alicia Von Auslese

Queen Alicia of Grancel Castle

 Queen Alicia of Grancel Castle, there’s little I remember about interacting with Queen Alicia but the one thing I’ll say is that she is very sweet and polite well mannered just like a queen would be and helps Estelle and Joshua resolve the issue of the conspiracy in Liberl, granting them access to the underground chambers of Grancel Castle, which is where the ending of the first game takes place. Other than that Queen Alicia congratulates you for resolving the issue permeating her country as she is at the same time powerless to do anything, and has to rely on others for help.

captain Julia Schwarz

Captain Julia Schwarz is of the liberl military. You eventually meet her going across the multiple military checkpoints throughout the country of liberl and eventually culminating in Grancel Castle. Julia is very reserved, righteous to a fault and only wants to see her kingdom prosper and be trouble-free. She is at the direct command of Queen Alicia and is also given the mission to look after Princess Claudia Von Auslese, she eventually joins your party and does some of the missions towards the end stages of the first game but she also joins you on the second chapter as well. Julia is a reliable character who uses a melee weapon for attack.

Zane Vathek

Zane is a martial artist who hails from the country of the Republic of Calvard, which is to the east of the continent of Zemuria, bordering with Crossbell’s independent state, and comes to Liberl on business. Estelle meets with this giant man in her travels to Grancel Castle. Being the gentle giant that he is, he joins your team to fight alongside you, because, he is a Bracer from calvard, so he is happy to help his fellow bracers.

The members of the Special Support Section of Crossbell

Estelle’s involvement with the members of the special support section is that of support, she is acting as a Bracer whereas the special support sections are acting as police officers. These two forces Unite to help one another during the Crossbell’s incidents revealed in the Legend of Heroes trails from zero. Estelle also receives the help of the special support section when it comes to Renne Bright, the girl Estelle and Joshua have been going after across the span of three different games. Part of Renne’s past is settled thanks to the intervention of the special support section members. Estelle is grateful for them helping her, so much so that towards the end of zero Estelle finally apprehends, or rather catches Renne.

Estelle´s Contributions in the Series So far

Estelle’s contributions throughout the legend of Heroes Trails series are ginormous to say the least. I would like to refer you to my review of The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky first chapter so that you can have an understanding of what Estelle was doing in the events of that game.

The events of the second chapter, trails in the Sky the Third, and also the events happening in Trails from Zero, is collected and written in the character bio of Renne Bright I invite you to read that here.

So then, these are the events that I have lived with Estelle Bright, remember that these are the events of the games I have seen her participating in, therefore, since I have not played the Cold Steel games yet, I still have to add her participation in the Arc of games to this profile. Satisfied with Estelle finally achieving her goal, I can safely say her participation in the Cold Steel Arc is supportive at best. I may be wrong but time will tell and hopefully, I’ll get around to playing these games soon enough.

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