Randolph Orlando, Randy is one of the Four Main protagonists of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. Up to the events shown in Zero, there is little to go on Randy´s Past, so bear with me on this one, as we are about to dive into a comprehensive Look on Randy orlando, the Red-haired, Laid Back officer of the SSS of the Crossbell Police Department.


Randy (21) is a Tall young man towering in at 185 cm, about 6´2. Has long crimson Hair that he ties at the end, and blue eyes with an eternal smirk on his face. He wears a turtle-neck white shirt, black trousers, and an Orange coat that has a black Collar. He likes his gloves as well. This is his getup in zero, I say this because in the Universe of the Legend Of Heroes, returning characters show up with slightly different wardrobes. Take, for instance, Estelle Bright, I know I haven´t written her Profile yet, but let it be known that her outfit in Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC is different than in Second Chapter. Well enough on that, back to Randy.


Randy Is a pretty laid-back and chill dude, always flirtatious with the ladies and picking on goody two shoes lloyd hahaha, i´m not hating on Lloyd, I consider myself to be in real life more like lloyd more than anyone else in the trails series. But yeah, Randy is always making suggestions that he and Lloyd “the Boys” should hang out night life, hit the casino go after the ladies kind of setting. Lloyd would always turn him down. Randy is a Big fan of the all popular Arc en Ciel Theather Show in the entertainment district in Crossbell. When the going gets tough, you can count on him to support you and even come out with some advice or two. He appears like the Older sibling always watching after you, you know? I now remember the time when he helped resolve the quarrels of the opossing gangs in the downtown area of crossbell state. Had some pretty interesting words for Lloyd back then.

Even though Randy portrays himself as pretty cool and relaxed, he does hide a sad past as a former Jaeger. Even though he lived and raised as one, he disapproves this lifestyle. Randy Loves Liquor.

Randy´s Weapon the Stun Halberd

This is a long polearm with an orbment and blade on the top. Randy is the Heavy hitter of the group and his skills are Fire based. How proper since he´s a redhead. This is how it looks like…

Randy Orlando weapon the Stun Halberd. used in Trails from Zero.

Randy explains that to master the halberd one must possess the strenght to hold such a heavy weapon, well said, since our man here boasts a pretty tough frame, according to the words of Gang leader Wald Wales who is also buff and said that the only “punk” who can probably put up a fight against him was Randy, after taking a good look at him. And lets be Honest, I can´t image Tio Plato Being able to hold up a weapong like this eh?


Being as chill and relaxed as Randy is, and EVEN when he gets on some girls´ nerves, I can say without a doubt Randy is the most likable character in this game, he is like an older sibling to the other members of the squad, providing moral support when needed, ah but with close second place, in my honest opinion Chief Sergei, I really want to write an article on him, his face is just screaming, “Eh, whatever, you boys do what you think is right.”

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Back Ground

Since he debuted on Zero, little is revealed about Randy´s past, but when fleeing and trashing the auction being held by the Mafia and rescuing Kea in chapter 3, they were outnumbered at the Pierre, so he had no other choice but to use his trump card, his inner hidden power. Now he has an inner power he´s been keeping a secret all this time?, i said. Well to be fair the game did hint at this squintilly in the afore chapters, but it was so slim that you really made nothing of it.

As mentioned above, as a former jaeger he holds incredible strenght and prowess. at a very young age he was made to hold a knife and little after that a rifle. Military training sounds to me. In his teens he was already made to command his squadron and later a company of Jaegers. Thing is, his past was revealed once he showed his true strength at the Pierre that night, thinking that now his colleagues would reject him for it, but nothing farther from the truth, when everyone saw him and what he was capable of, they felt a new sense of pride and respect towards him and were glad to have someone of his skills in the force.

Final Thoughts

Randy is a very interesting character, and I just love the way that Falcom presents their characters, slowly and digestible, so that the player can asimilate every aspect of the character, and then BAM, a reveal or plot twist, this is the winning formula folks, and I can´t wait to play Trails to Azure to find out more about our crimson-haired Hero, Randy Orlando.

Go ahead and leave me a comment below i would love to read what you think of my article.

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