In the “Trails from Zero” game from the “Trails” series (also known as the “Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki”), Tio Plato is one of the main characters. She’s a member of the Special Support Section (SSS), a newly formed division of the Crossbell Police Department. Tio is a highly intelligent and reserved girl who specializes in orbal technology. She’s known for her exceptional skills with orbal arts and devices, often providing technological support and analysis for the SSS during their investigations. Tio’s calm demeanor and technical prowess make her an invaluable asset to the team.


Tio Plato in “Trails from Zero” is depicted as a young girl (14) with long lavender hair that she ties into twin tails and has a generally reserved and calm expression. Has yellow eyes. Her outfit consists of a white blouse, a black vest,, a plaid skirt, and knee-high boots. She also has cat ears for aesthetics!. Tio’s appearance reflects her serious and studious personality.


Tio Plato is characterized as reserved, calm, and incredibly intelligent. She’s often serious and focused, displaying a strong dedication to her work. Tio tends to be somewhat introverted and quiet, preferring to express herself through her technical skills rather than verbally. Her expertise lies in orbal technology, and she’s deeply passionate about it. While she may seem distant at times due to her analytical nature, Tio is caring and supportive of her teammates, always ready to lend her expertise to help them solve problems. Overall, her personality traits make her an essential and respected member of the Special Support Section.


Tio Plato’s favorite mascot in “Trails from Zero” is Mishy. Mishy is a cute, round, and fluffy mascot character often found on merchandise and products within the game’s world. Tio has a fondness for Mishy, often displaying a softer and more affectionate side when it comes to this particular mascot. Mishy’s presence occasionally brings out a more expressive and endearing aspect of Tio’s character.

Tio´s Weapon, the Orbal Staff

Tio Plato’s primary weapon in “Trails from Zero” is an orbal staff called the “Orbal Gear.” It’s a specialized staff equipped with orbal technology, allowing Tio to harness the power of orbal arts in combat and support roles.

She primarily uses the Orbal Gear to cast various orbal arts, which encompass offensive, defensive, and support abilities. These arts can range from elemental attacks to healing and buffing spells, showcasing Tio’s versatility in combat. The Orbal Gear amplifies her innate abilities with orbal technology, enabling her to manipulate orbal energy to both attack enemies and provide assistance to her allies during battles.

Beyond combat, Tio also uses her Orbal Gear for technical analysis and hacking into systems when investigating or dealing with technological challenges. Her mastery over orbal technology allows her to interface with devices and computers, providing essential support to the team in uncovering information and overcoming obstacles throughout the game.

I usually keep her in the Backrow when doing battle since she can be somewhat weak to enemy fire and has low strenght as well, hindrances she makes up with her Support and attack Skills.

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Tio´s Past (Spoiler Free)

Tio Plato’s past in “Trails from Zero” unfolds gradually throughout the game, revealing intriguing details about her background and history.

Without delving into heavy spoilers, here are some aspects of Tio’s obscure past that are revealed during the game:

  • Orphaned Background: Tio’s childhood remains somewhat mysterious, hinting at her being orphaned at a young age. This contributes to her reserved and solitary nature, as she had to navigate life without parental guidance.
  • Connection to Orbal Technology: Her profound affinity and expertise with orbal technology aren’t merely coincidental. There are hints that her past is intricately tied to this field, suggesting she might have had special training or exposure to advanced orbal technology from a young age.
  • Involvement with Enigmatic Organizations: Tio’s past hints at connections with certain organizations involved in complex political and technological affairs. Her involvement or association with these groups could have played a pivotal role in shaping her skills and personality.
  • Unraveling Personal Motivations: As the story progresses, Tio’s motivations become clearer. Her past experiences and connections drive her dedication to the Special Support Section and influence her actions throughout the game. Uncovering her past gradually reveals the depth of her commitment and the reasons behind her choices.
Tio´s Past SPOILERS!

  1. Origin at the D∴G Cult: Tio’s past ties her to the enigmatic organization known as the D∴G Cult. She was raised within this group, which is heavily involved in orbal research and manipulation. The cult’s teachings and experiments shaped her deep understanding of orbal technology but also subjected her to a controlled and isolated upbringing.
  2. Orphaned and Experimentation: Tio’s parents were researchers affiliated with the D∴G Cult. Tragedy struck when they died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Tio an orphan. She became a subject of the cult’s experiments due to her innate potential with orbal technology, leading to a heavily regimented and isolated childhood within the cult’s facilities.
  3. Escape and Pursuit: Tio managed to escape from the D∴G Cult’s clutches, seeking refuge and freedom. Her escape raised alarms within the organization, prompting them to pursue her relentlessly, adding a layer of danger to her existence outside the cult.
  4. Integration into the SSS: Lloyd Bannings and the Special Support Section become pivotal in Tio’s life after she joins their ranks. Her past ties with the D∴G Cult bring complications and challenges to the team, but her dedication to uncovering the truth and using her knowledge for good solidifies her place within the group.
Final Thoughts

Tio’s past is a crucial part of her character arc, defining her skills, fears, and motivations while contributing significantly to the overall storyline of “Trails from Zero.”

Tio Plato’s character development throughout “Trails from Zero” encompasses more than just her technical prowess, revealing layers of emotional depth and personal growth as she navigates the complexities of her past and present circumstances.

Legend of Heroes Trails from the Zero is a MUST play for any and all roleplaying game lovers out there! You can read My Review on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC if you´re feeling passionate!

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