So a new series of the Mana games is coming out finally in 2024 and it’s going to be called visions of mana. This is the first main line installment that we receive from Square Enix in over 15 years. The past decade and a half we have been getting remasters of previous games that have been released. I’m happy to see that Square Enix is holding strong the action RPG subgenre because these are games that I enjoy very much. The visuals look stunning, the characters look interesting, well designed. The animation looks and feels smooth according to the trailer, and the environments are beautiful to look at.

the setting

From what I read and research you take the role of Val from the Fire  village of Tianeaa. The Mana tree summons Alms,  where, a fairy seemingly, once every 4 years sets out to look for these alms; people that are chosen to preside and manifest at the Mana tree over the world’s vital flow of Mana. Val invites his friend to a festival for the welcoming of this envoy, this fairy; and his friend ends up being chosen, pretty much now him having to becoming her guardian in her pilgrimage! this sounds almost like Final Fantasy X plot. But let’s take a look at the trailer for visions of Mana.

Now when it comes to the Mana games I can tell you pretty much that I am no stranger to the series because I did get the chance to play Secret of Mana which is the remake of the Super Nintendo classic on the PlayStation 4. Now that i remember i also played Adventures of Mana on the PS VITA many moons ago, I also purchased Trials of Mana for the Nintendo switch. I yet have to try that game out, it’s in my back log, don’t worry it’s coming! and I can say that these games are very Charming, very fun to play. The visuals, the gameplay being an action RPG, everything! I can see the action flowing and you being glued to your chair for hours on end.

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When it comes to the Dev. team I’m not going to  go into detail here but from what I researched on the Square Enix post, old school creators from previous releases are gathering again to deliver us This Magnificent game coming in 2024. So I’m excited about the game, I will definitely get it for (when and IF it releases) on the Nintendo switch, because that’s where I have Trials of Mana. What about you? are you going to get visions of Mana? are you looking to complete your collection? do you like action RPGs? let me know down in the comments! that’s it for now!

Thank you for reading.