Lloyd Bannings is a central character in the “Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.” Here’s a comprehensive overview:


Lloyd Bannings is the main protagonist in “Trails from Zero,” a part of the larger “Legend of Heroes” series by Nihon Falcom. This is the first of two games that present us the events transcurring in Crossbell state, according to Kiseki Fandom Wiki. Here, He’s a member of the Crossbell Police Department’s Special Support Section (SSS). A section created by the Police department to deal with petty crimes and public affairs. His brother died In the line of duty, and was also a detective of the Crossbell PD. Story events lead you to believe that “Guy Bannings” was uncovering the corruption that plagues crossbell state and as a consequence he had to go because he knew too much.


Detective Lloyd Bannings.

Lloyd is known for his strong sense of justice, unwavering determination, and his dedication to protecting Crossbell. He became a detective just like his brother before him. He’s empathetic, resilient, and often serves as the moral compass for his team. As a player, you don´t really think this kid can be a full fledged detective, but your assumptions will be met with surprise as mr. Bannings here has a nogging that no one in the SSS can compare when it comes to deducing things that are not readily detectable at first. not even Tio, she´s the brain behind the group!. Straight as an arrow can be and a real Lady´s Man. Yes, he´s the serious quiet type but when he strikes, he strikes hard. (Makes me remember that one night in the roof top of the SSS Building when cheering up Elie Macdowell). Even Womanizer Randy Orlando admits to this much hahahaha…


In combat, Lloyd excels in agility and close-range combat. He fights using tonfas and is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making him a formidable force in battles. What´s a Tonfa? er, just look at the top picture of this Post! no seriously, these tonfas hit really hard and are always a two hit combo pulling you out of tight situations in battle. You can also do combo attacks with other party members, but that´s more of a gameplay feature more than a character one. Did I mention he fishes? he likes to fish. It seems it is custom for every Legend of Hero protag. to excel at fishing! Estelle Bright is also a Master Angler, i wonder if Rean Schwarz (is that how you spell it? i haven´t played the erebonia Arc of games yet) from the Cold Steel is also a Fisherman? Imagine lloyd vs Estelle in a fishing Match!

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As a member of the SSS, Lloyd, alongside his team, tackles various cases and challenges plaguing Crossbell. His commitment to unraveling mysteries and unveiling truths drives the narrative forward. However, he does rely on his companions, couldn´t resolve anything at all without the Technological knowledge that Tio Possesses, nor would have gotten very far without Elies´ Connections with the City Mayor, who happens to be her Grandfather. Randy is Just Randy! and wants to pull an all nighter with you at the local casino while watching some babes ahahahha, i don´t think you ever go out just a FYI. My Boy Lloyd is a homeboy. Get it over your head already Randy.


Throughout the game, Lloyd forms close bonds with his fellow SSS Special Support Section members – Randy Orlando, Elie MacDowell, and Tio Plato. Each character brings unique skills and perspectives, contributing to the team’s dynamic. makes you wonder, is there romance in this game? well, listen, from my playthrough i happen to have gotten hooked up with Elie Macdowell. Remember the roof top scene? Something started that night that later on in the final chapter you and her decide to get together once everything was all over. I also understand that you can alternatively, pick Tio for romancing, yep. uh, she´s 14, FBI open up!?. I never got to experience that since it would require a completely new playthrough from the very begining. Just a curious tidbit. I don´t know if you can romance Randy. God i hope not hahahaha.

Character Development

Lloyd undergoes significant growth as he confronts dilemmas, makes tough decisions, and faces personal challenges. His development throughout the game is an integral aspect of the storyline. An emphasis on making tough decisions. As a rookie detective, Lloyd continues to impress with his detective skills shinning through to save the day. So, it wasn´t a one time fluke that he guessed it right, nay, he was born to do this.


Beyond his individual growth, Lloyd’s actions and choices profoundly impact the events in Crossbell, influencing the broader narrative of the game.

“Trails from Zero” presents Lloyd Bannings as a complex and compelling character, driving both the narrative and the emotional core of the story through his actions and relationships.