Persona 5 tactica. What happens when you fuse final fantasy tactics with persona 5 a turn based JRPG? you get the miracle that is persona 5 tactica, a strategy JRPG from what it seems, bringing us the same lovable characters from persona 5 that WE SO LOVED!, yes, indeed, us, here at alas de pegaso, we instantly fell in love with atlus’ latest persona game, Persona 5.

You got your Jokers, your Panthers (Rawr!) your Skulls, your Mona (we especially Love mona, that’s definitely NOT a cat), your noires and your Oracles, all are making a comeback this November 17th 2023 to all videogame platforms: Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 5PlayStation 4Xbox OneXbox Series X|SMicrosoft Windows

Let’s watch the trailer together shall we? This video is coming directly from the oficial ATLUS West Channel, we strongly suggest you go subscribe to them Here! they put out some amazing games!

Persona 5 Tactica Announcement Trailer

Oh wow wow! the phantom Thieves are Back, and noticed a new character to fight alongside them. And yes, they are thieves, but thieves of hearts. We always loved that catch phrase, so cool! We also like the chibi approach they gave characters! but do not be fooled, this game is as serious as it gets, cuz if you slack off just for a second, the game will totally give you a game over screen! Did you like that pink skinned colored lady with the white legs? hahahaha, the villain design has always been characteristic of the persona games, of course this is coming from someone that has played P3FES, P4 Golden (of which we have a review Here) and even Persona 5, the vanilla back in 2017.

So, whaddya think? gonna give it a try? we certainly without a speck of a doubt WILL!. We plan on getting Persona 5 Tactica particularly for the nintendo switch since we already have Persona 5 Strikers on that platform as well, so it’s just right to complete the set!

If you’re a fan of strategy JRPGS like Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy Tactics or even the Disgaea Games, then you definitely can’t miss out!

oh, and remember…

“I AM NOT A CAT”– Oh wait, I guess I am.