Day: 17 October 2023

a young woman with beatiful brown hair smiles at the camera

Daughter of High summoner braska, Lady Yuna.

Ah yes, lady Yuna. Yuna, a central character in the…
a blonde young man coming out of the water holding a water based sword

A cheerful young man from the city of Zanarkand, Star player of the zanarkand Abes, Tidus.

Tidus is the central character and main protagonist in the…
digimon greymon and another one bug like digimon

Digimonstory Cybersleuth Review

“Quite addictive and entertaining” I want to start with those…
contra rogue corps

“Contra: Rogue Corps – A Disastrous Abomination on the PlayStation 5”

Contra: Rogue Corps, the latest installment in the iconic Contra…
sea of stars jrpg game cover

A Galactic Odyssey: A Comprehensive Review of Sea of Stars

Introduction In the vast cosmos of video gaming, few titles…